Development Log 10/10/18


After battling a stomach bug (likely food poisoning) I was able to get in an afternoon of coding on a sick day. A lot of small changes were made, such as adding a “big zombie boss” which has a health of 1000(!), and making it to where the EndGame portal doesn’t spawn until after the final wave.


What’s Working:

  • In-Game UI:

Made a bunch of UI changes that I think complement the game, and the aesthetic we’re going for.


  • Main Menu

I’ve cheated a little with this one, and snagged a menu maker store asset. I haven’t gotten a grip on how the are handling scene loading, but so far I like it.

  • Level Select Screen

Started on the groundwork that will become our level select screen. Will have, when complete, multiple planets, and stats tracking.


What’s not working:

  • High score system

The high score and fastest time systems aren’t behaving as the should. When you don’t achieve a new “high score” that “high score” text doesn’t appear in menu.

  • Fastest time system

The system does not track the fastest time. I need to confirm this, and then create a fix.

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